Chapter Three

The Cost Of Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Entering the world of virtual assistance is a smart career move because it is such a burgeoning field, and with more and more people running their own businesses, both online and offline, the need for virtual assistants is poised to continue growing at a rapid pace.

Fortunately, the cost of becoming a virtual assistant is rather low. The most important thing you need, in addition to the right skills and experience, is an office from which to work.

You do not need a fancy office. A spare room or area of your home, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life should be sufficient.

You likely already have most of what you need to work as a virtual assistant, including:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection (preferably one that is high speed, such as DSL or cable)
  • Software such as Microsoft Office (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and Access)
  • A fax machine or a fax program (i.e. eFax)
  • A printer
  • A phone line dedicated specifically for your business (The last thing you want is personal phone calls to interrupt your work day.)
  • Voicemail
  • An email address (preferably a personalized email address, not from a free email host like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google)
  • A Web site to advertise your service to potential clients
  • A desk
  • A comfortable chair
  • If you do not have some of the needed equipment, you can find good deals online and at your local office supply stores. You may also want to check out local used furniture stores, for purchases such as a desk and a chair, to keep costs low during the start-up phase.

    Remember, during the startup phase, you do not have to purchase the computer with the most bells and whistles; just find something that is capable of handling your workload.

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